COVID Safe Instructions for class

We will not share any equipment in class, therefore (unless your local teacher has advised otherwise) we ask you to bring the following to each lesson:

    • 2 instruments, preferably a shaking instrument (e.g. maraca, baby rattle or jar filled with rice) and a tapping instrument (such as a drum, claves or a plastic container to tap with a wooden spoon, or 2 wooden spoons to tap together).   You can purchase instruments from our shop if you wish or home-made is good.
    • Scarf, ribbons or floaty material to wave
    • Peekaboo scarf (6-15 months and 1-2 year old classes)
    • Bumblebee puppet (2-3 and 3-4 year old classes) (if undertaking a trial then any soft toy will do)
    • 5 counters or coins (3-4 and 4-5 year old classes)
    • Chime bars (4-5 year old classes)
    • 1 crayon or pencil (4-5 year old classes)

We regret that our teachers will not be able to hand out instruments/equipment to people who forget to bring their own.

Checking in and Proof of Vaccination

If required in your State, upon entry you must check in using the relevant app and show your teacher your check-in tick and vaccination certificate tick.   If you don’t have the app you will be required give your details to your teacher and show a copy of your COVID-19 immunisation certificate. If you have a valid medical exemption, you must show your teacher the required evidence; an exemption must be recorded on the National Immunisation Register and evidenced by a COVID-19 immunisation certificate or Immunisation History Statement.

Where class sizes are limited due to a density quotient, it would be advisable to check with us before you leave for class with an extra person such as a sibling (no problem if under 12 months).

Please don’t come if you or your child have any symptoms

  • Do not come to class if you or your child are unwell or have any symptoms of illness.   Please let us know beforehand if you or your child have persistent symptoms due to underlying conditions such as hay fever or asthma.
  • When mask wearing is mandatory in public indoor spaces carers must wear masks in class at all times.   Your teacher will wear a mask according to what is Government required for the pre-school education context with carers present.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something else we can do to keep you and your child safe and happy in class.