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Term 4 - Our Exciting Concert Term!

Term 4, is our very exciting concert term! Enrolments are welcome throught the term.

In Term 4 children will continue to experience a diverse range of musical activities designed to cater for their developmental stages. The warmer weather brings some fun summer activities, as well as songs about animals and birds to extend children’s vocabularies and their understanding of the world around them.

Throughout Term 4 children will work towards their performances at Mini Maestros' end of year concerts. Their participation in the concerts is more a celebration than a performance and it is delightful for family and friends to see what such young children can do at this early stage of their musical lives. Please talk to your teacher for information about your child's concert.

Our students will continue to extend their musical skills in class through a wide variety of stimulating activities:

6 – 24 months old children will consolidate their listening skills by playing percussion instruments in stop and start activities. Dances and action songs will physically reinforce a steady sense of beat and assist children with remembering simple sequences. Participating in peek-a-boo activities will help children gain confidence in leaving their carers and will also encourage them to respond to phrasing in music. Children will have opportunities to explore a range of percussion instruments and props suitable for this age group. Lesson activities are designed to promote group interaction and child/carer contact.

2-3 years old children will continue to sing with their Bumblebee puppets and accompany high and low singing with appropriate movements. Listening skills are reinforced through stop and start, dramatic play and aural perception activities. Children will be introduced to simple part work via singing while keeping a steady beat. Dances teach children to respond to musical form and help them with remembering sequences. The activities are specifically designed to encourage taking turns and sharing.

3-4 years old children will continue to develop a conscious understanding of beat and will be introduced to "saa", the beat with no sound. Participation in call and response songs will help children gain confidence performing for others. Part work skills will be developed through singing while performing actions or playing a steady beat on instruments. Musical form is highlighted in dance activities where children will be encouraged to memorise more complex sequences. Rhythm will be introduced on a conscious level and practised in instrumental and body percussion activities. Lessons are designed to encourage taking turns, sharing equipment and working with partners.

4-5 years old children will continue to develop part-work and ensemble skills through playing melodies and accompaniments on chime bars, and singing a variety of songs. They will consolidate their knowledge of rhythmic notation and revise musical terms learnt so far. Children will continue to learn about the music staff in concrete and abstract activities, and will interpret graphic notation when playing melodies on chime bars. They will identify phrasing in music through question and answer songs, and learn how to determine the form of familiar short songs. Children will be encouraged to perform solos in front of others, such as singing ‘Are you ready?’ when conducting the class. Group interaction will be promoted through partner work, sharing equipment and whole class activities.

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