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Online Classes Special Offer:

The last 4 online classes for Term 2 can be purchased for the special price of $52 or $56 (depending on agegroup) including a music download or $35 or $39 with no download. Contact us via the class of your choice on the Find a Class Page to take up this offer.

Mini Maestros in-person classes have been suspended due to COVID-19. Our final lesson for Term 1 was made available as online and our customers loved it!  Term 2 online classes are underway and our customers are loving them too! We aim to return to in-person classes for Term 3. Planning is underway to make that happen in the safest possible way taking into account Government directions and medical advice. We will have more to say on enrolment options for Term 3 by mid June.

To book an online class in Term 2, you simply book into a normal class with a local teacher, and we will send you a link to an online class for each week of the Term. The online classes are presented by Jennifer Smith, our Music Director and Maddy Kelly, our Head of Teaching.

Please locate your nearest class using the Find a Class page and through this website either book in directly or send an enquiry so that we can contact you back.

If you live in Australia or overseas where we have no local classes use the relevant links on the Find a Class page to enrol.

Here are just 7 benefits of our online classes:

  1. Our online classes are a happy, warm and engaging space that provide moments of joy and learning for you and your child.
  2. They are designed for a parent or other carer and child to experience together, giving you valuable, focused bonding time.
  3. Our online classes are not a TV show to sit passively in front of. They require active participation from both child and adult, and are specifically designed to give parents or other carers knowledge and confidence on how to extend and enjoy our activities beyond the class time.
  4. Unlike a regular class, you can attend your weekly class again and again.
  5. Your objectives for enrolling in Mini Maestros in the first place continue to be satisfied. You will continue to support your child’s development and your child will continue to achieve his or her learning milestones.  When we resume in-person classes your child will be able to jump right back in with no catch-up required.
  6. The bulk of the revenue generated from the online classes goes directly to our family of Mini Maestros franchisees and will assist them to survive while we wait to return to in-person classes. A much smaller amount goes towards to the cost of Mini Maestros Head Office providing the online service for you. Without enough people taking up this online solution, Mini Maestros as a whole may not survive these challenging times.  We have to survive so that we will continue to nurture confident young learners and can re-employ all our teachers as soon as possible.
  7. You can do your classes in your pyjamas, sing your heart out and dance like no-one is watching!

While we miss the wonderful social connection of our in-person classes, we are making up for that in other ways; in addition to the weekly online classes our local teachers are reaching out to their students in various ways to keep that social connection alive and real.

Please support your child’s ongoing development and Mini Maestros by enrolling in Term 2.

Read our FAQ regarding the online lessons.

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