Online Class FAQ

How can an online class substitute for an in-person class?

The classes are very similar to our in-person class except that you will be in the comfort of your own home. Provided you have assembled the home-sourced instruments we suggest for each class, each parent or carer and child will be able to participate in the activities just as they normally would. Looking for inspiration for homemade instruments? Click here. Or buy some instruments from our shop ahead of time.Just like our normal classes, our online classes are education time for parent or carer and child. Like our regular classes and unlike TV programs, our online classes are designed for a parent or carer and child to participate in together and they will give both the knowledge and confidence to extend and enjoy the activities beyond the class time.

How do I receive each class?

Each week you will receive an invitation for the following week’s online class. You accept that invitation by registering for the online class using the link provided and the same email address that the invitation was sent to.

When do I have to register?

We suggest that you register as soon as you receive the invitation to do so, and in any event before 9.00am Monday.

What happens on Registration?

You will receive a link to the online classroom and a password.  Do not use these until you are ready to enter the classroom, on the device on which you want to watch the class, immediately before the class starts.

Why didn’t I receive a registration confirmation?

Everyone who registers and correctly enters their email address (being the same email address that we sent your makeup advice to) will receive a registration confirmation email. If it is not in your inbox, check your junk email and mark as not junk.

What do I do after registering?

After registering, and before you enter the online classroom using the room password provided with your registration confirmation, decide which device you are going to use to watch the online class.
Only use the device on which you want to watch the class to enter the online classroom.  Only enter the classroom just before the class starts.

When should I enter the classroom?

Just before your class is about to start. If you are watching a replay, then not until you are ready to watch the replay.

The scheduled time does not suit? Can I have another time?

If you can’t watch at the scheduled time (or even if you do watch at the scheduled time) you will be sent a replay link. You will be able to watch a replay of the lesson during that week.   Provided you do not leave the classroom after you have entered it to watch a replay (by closing your device or refreshing your browser) you can watch the replay unlimited times.

Can I watch on multiple devices?

No. You must choose which device you want to watch the class on and then use that device to log into the online class room. Once you have entered the classroom you will not be able to use the link on other devices.

What device can I use?

You can watch your class on any device that has internet access, eg mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart TV. You can copy the classroom url into your smart TV’s browser or use Android phone screencast or iphone screencast or Chromecast if you are familiar with them (sorry we can’t offer tech support for setting these up.) Remember, if you want to use your TV and intend copying the classroom url into your TV’s browser, bookmark the page on your TV, and not on any other device.

Can I watch the replay a number of times?

Provided you do not leave the classroom after you have entered it to watch a replay (by closing your device or refreshing your browser) you can watch the replay unlimited times during the week of the class.

After I have registered, can I give the link to someone else – eg a grandparent?

Yes, before you enter the classroom using the link and password, you can give the link and password to someone else to watch with your child and they can enter in your place.

What if something goes wrong and I miss out watching the class?

No-one who is enrolled for an online class will miss out.  If  the normal class delivery method fails due to user error or some other issue, we will give you access to the class by another method. No one will miss out.

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