Caroline Paterson

Caroline Paterson has always had a passion for music. It has been a part of her life as long as she can remember, from her early days growing up in England where she was part of her local choir, orchestra, string quartet and performing arts group, to the joy she now experiences every day sharing music with her two children through singing & dancing.

Caroline is classically trained having studied piano, violin and singing for over 10 years, achieving Grade 8 in all three disciplines. She expanded on her musical experiences performing individually and alongside her friends at weddings, church concerts and local festivals.

Caroline met her Australian husband while they were both living in London, and believed that it was fate when they first met and immediately bonded over a love of the same music and concerts. They moved back to Perth over 6 years ago and settled into family life, having two children along the way. Singing and dancing with her girls really opened up Caroline’s eyes to the sheer happiness that music can bring to all children.

It is this sense of fun and satisfaction which inspired Caroline to open up a franchise in WA and become a Mini Maestros teacher, so that she could help other children experience that same sense of fun, and also achievement. Having taken her own children to Mini Maestros classes over the past few years, Caroline understands only too well the importance of children being able to take part in a class which strikes just the right balance between learning skills and having fun.

Caroline believes that music plays an essential part in a child’s early development, supporting and enhancing not only their musical skills but also their confidence and their creativity. She hopes that through her classes, each and every child can grow and come away with something very special.

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