Karen Feldman

Karen started singing as a young child and has worked professionally as a singer for her adult life.  She also has a Degree in Speech Pathology and worked in the profession for 10 years.

Karen sings in Hebrew and in Yiddish, and produced an album of Yiddish music called ‘Mazl – Journey through Yiddish song’.

Karen has been very involved in Amateur theatre over the years, and last year co-directed a production called ‘Yiddish Divas’, which will be performed in this year’s upcoming Melbourne Cabaret Festival.

Over the past few years, Karen has also been teaching the Ukulele to adults, teenagers and younger children, which she loves.

As a mother to 3 children, Karen is fascinated by children’s speech and language development, and their musical development. She is passionate about working with children and their care givers, and passing on a love of music.

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