MaryRose Harrison

MaryRose Harrison commenced teaching with Mini Maestros in 2011 when she became the co-owner and operator of the Caroline Springs franchise. Her love for music began when she asked her parents if she could learn to play the oboe, but was handed a horn instead. MaryRose initially trained as a photographer. Her qualifications include a Diploma of Visual Arts, a Bachelor of Music (Honours) with a major in Ethnomusicology, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Music Education. MaryRose has worked in various areas of the performing arts sector, spanning over 20 years. Her roles have included working as an orchestral musician, conductor, arts administrator and a music educator. She has over 10 years experience as a music educator with a particular interest in World Music and working with children that have special needs. MaryRose aims to create enjoyable, informed and skilled musical experiences for children so that they may appreciate and come closer to understanding music. She believes that learning music is not just about music, but about everything that surrounds music and music making. She says: “Music education is essentially about the education of the whole person.”

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