Woomz Fig

Awomadah (Woomz) is a musician, performer and gardener. She first joined Mini Maestros back in 2008 and quickly discovered a love for sharing music with children and their parents.

Woomz continued to perform throughout the first 8 years with Mini Maestros both locally and internationally before enthusiastically accepting the role of Senior Teacher/ Teacher trainer at Mini Maestros, Shanghai, China.

Before corona virus bought her home in 2020, Woomz enjoyed the challenge of training her Chinese, British, Russian and Ukrainian staff   in the principles and teaching techniques of Mini Maestros, along with spreading the love of music and movement with Chinese, French and Japanese children and their parents.

Throughout the 3 years in Shanghai Woomz embraced the local entertainment scene and performed regularly at jam nights and live shows, and also took on stage management roles for circus, dance and drag shows.

Woomz completed her Level 2 Orff training in 2019 in Hong Kong and is currently enrolled in a Diploma of Auslan.

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