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Exclusive Offer for Readers of Mini Maestros Heart. Beat. Free Shipping for Dr Anita Collins's latest book, "The Lullaby Effect."

New Competition. In the name of creativity, this edition's theme, we have a new decorating competition. See details below.

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Diving Deeper

Diving Deeper - Creativity

By Kitty Skeen - Mini Maestros Bendigo Franchisees

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” – Mary Lou Cook

Take a minute to have a look in your recycling bin. What do you see in there? Yogurt containers, cereal boxes, a box from the last night’s dinner and maybe a few toilet rolls or some tin foil? As adults we simply see the ordinary, everyday, mundanity of our rubbish, and probably can’t think past how a full bin means we need to take out the trash.




The Lullaby Effect

Interview with Dr Anita Collins

By Esther Bertram - Mini Maestros Marketing & Franchise Development Manager

We were really excited to have the opportunity to interview Dr Anita Collins and present her latest book “The Lullaby Effect” for this edition of Heart. Beat.

Dr Anita Collins is an award-winning educator, researcher and writer in the field of brain development and music learning. She is internationally recognized for her unique work in translating the scientific research of neuroscientists and psychologists to the everyday parent, teacher and student. Over the last two years Anita has interviewed close to 100 researchers in laboratories across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Anita has written opinion columns for The Age and The Conversation, authored papers for international peer-reviewed journals, and has been guest author on international sites and specialist technical writer for OECD Education Framework 2030. Anita is a Churchill Fellow, a TEDx speaker and the author of one of the most watched TED Education films ever made.

In her latest book, "The Lullaby Effect" Dr Collins dives into the science of singing to your child. With the emergence of new neuroscientific and psychological research, we now know more about the power of music and how it assists in your child’s cognitive and physical development. But does it matter what songs you sing, or if you sing in tune, or if you move or don’t move when you sing? The Lullaby Effect helps answer all those questions and more and is ideal for parents who want to understand how singing impacts their child’s development.



Dr Collins has a special offer exclusively for Mini Maestros parents and the readers of Heart. Beat. When you order your HARD COPY of "The Lullaby Effect" you will receive FREE SHIPPING, just use the COUPON CODE: Bumblebee at checkout!



Doggie Doggie

Lux Sings Doggie Doggie

By Maddy Kelly - Mini Maestros Training & Development Officer

Last week our 3-4 year olds focused on ‘Call and Response’ singing with the activity “Doggie Doggie”. Children act out the story of how Cheeky Pussycat steals Doggie’s bone while he is sleeping, and sing the questions that help Doggie get his bone back. Here is Lux, taking on the role of Doggie and Cheeky Pussycat. Lux has been attending Mini Maestros classes since she was a baby and she did a fantastic job of singing the questions to Doggie in her forte singing voice. She even wore dog patterned pants and a wolf on her shirt, all by coincidence! Lux’s enthusiasm and thirst for learning make her an absolute joy to have in every class. We can’t wait to see what comes next in her musical journey!







Decoration Competition

Decorating Competition

Since this month's Heart. Beat. is on the theme of creativity, we thought it was time to have another decorating competition.

Click the bumblebee image to go to a download page. Once printed, feel free decorate it yourself, or give the sheet to your little one to cut out, decorate, stick, or undertake any creative expression with it that they feel like. Once ready, take a photo and reply to this email attaching the photo and include a description of what the bees are up to. The panel will then vote on the most creative bee family picture and description that is entered. The winner will win a $50 gift voucher to spend in the Mini Maestros instrument shop and will be featured in the next newsletter. Please send in your entry by August 31st.

DOWNLOAD HERE. Happy creating!



When Melodies Continue...

When Melodies Continue...

By Janet Collins - Mini Maestros Port Melbourne Franchisee

It’s so wonderfully rewarding to see what value we can bring in children’s lives when we expose them to a quality music program at an early age. Introducing 5 year old Nathaniel who started his musical journey with Mini Maestros at the age of 12 months and continued right through until he was 4. Nathaniel’s main preferred style of learning was keen observation, at times simply just sitting back quietly and listening to the music. Nathaniel would then go home and practise what he saw in class. Nathaniel particularly favoured singing and enjoyed discovering his lovely little voice in class. There’s an old saying, "If you can sing it, you can play it," and it’s obvious here that Nathaniel has proven that! We hope you enjoy listening to Nathaniel playing “Got the Blues". Thanks for sharing your music with us Nathaniel!!!



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