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Heart.Beat. Newsletter. Start of Term 3. 2019.

New Term 3 Music + New App Competition + Welcome to Term 3!

Term 3 is a turning point in the year, where we see many students have break-throughs in class in their learning and development. Students are now beginning to feel comfortable with their teacher and peers, and their learning will continue to develop with confidence and increasing independence.

Children will continue to extend their musical skills through a range of activities, many of which are centred around the themes of Animals and Transport. Read More Here and/or watch the video below to see what each of the age groups are up to.

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Diving Deeper


Diving Deeper - Music and Vocabulary

By Kitty Skeen - Mini Maestros Bendigo.

The words in our vocabulary are the building blocks for understanding and expressing ideas. Children’s vocabulary and concept development is dependent on consistent, nurturing and interactive learning experiences with adults and other children.

‘Presto’, ‘Lento’, ‘Forte’, ‘Piano’, ‘Beat’, ‘Rhythm’, ‘Saa’ - The older aged classes of the Mini Maestros program explicitly teach some of the most important musical vocabulary your little person will need to start and continue a journey into music. But, the Mini Maestros program doesn’t just stop at musical vocabulary; every age group explores non-musical language acquisition, from babies up. Think about the activities in class that your little one loves, they’re constantly exposed to new words and encouraged to use them. The first that springs to mind are our ever-popular peekaboos, however the Mini Maestros program has been written to include exposure to all of the following ideas, words and names; jungle animals, zoo animals, farm animals, birds, nature, people, autumn, winter, instruments, stop and start, transport, body parts, actions, toys, colours, numbers and nonsense. Phew, what a list!





Extra Term 3 Music! Including FUNKEY MONKEY!!

In addition to our own original music, which is already provided to every student, Mini Maestros is proud to incorporate music from leading Australian composers and musicians in our program.

You can now enjoy at home the fantastically popular Funkey Monkey as well as all of these other tracks from our Term 3 program: Action Leader, Banjo the Bunyip, Calypso, Fruity Samba, Groove Train, Jump Bump, Let's Clap our Hands, Manana Banana, My Teddy, Pop Percussion, Rainbows Trees and Tambourines, Rockin' Rhythm, Syncopation and Yesh Li Yadayim. These tracks are all from the Welcome to Music series by leading Melbourne musicians and educators, Susie Davies-Splitter and Phil Splitter. Download individual songs for $2.20 each or the full album for $17. Use the button below to access our download shop.





New Venues


New Days & Venues

Burwood on Wednesdays.

Burwood on Saturdays.

Elsternwick on Tuesdays.

Malvern on Tuesdays.

Mill Park on Saturdays.

Prahran on Wednesdays.

There will be some free come and try demonstration classes at a number of our venues during Term 3. The list can be found on our events page. Please let your any friends know about them so they can come and try a Mini Maestros class and join the fun and learning.


New App Comp


New App Competition!

It's competition time again! Isn't this Mini Maestros t-shirt cute! For your chance to win one of three Mini Maestros T-Shirts from the T-Shirt store in our app, all you need to do is submit a Mini Maestros inspired photo through the app, with 2 or three sentences saying why you love Mini Maestros.

All entries will be featured on our social channels and the winner will be announced in our next newsletter. This is a game of skill. The winner will be selected based on quality of entry and voted on by the head office team by August 15th.

Entries close August 1st.




New Venues


New eBook

If you have friends you know would love the fun & learning of Mini Maestros classes, now they can download our free eBook to have a taste at home. Available from the front page of the website, our new interactive ebook comes with music, cutouts & interactive activities and is designed for people interested in trying Mini Maestros. Click the button below to access the eBook. (All enrolled customers automatically receive a larger Mini Maestros At Home Educational Activities ePack upon payment for classes.)


Fun Music Facts


Fun Music Facts

Thanks to 3MBS, This one is about Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the classical and romantic eras in classical music, he remains one of the most recognised and influential musicians of this period, and is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time

A curious fact about Beethoven; he was so meticulous that he would count out 60 coffee beans each time he had a cup of coffee!




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