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Parents and Carers Chance to Win a $100 Mini Maestros Musical Instrument Pack!
The return of in-person classes.
Bee Day Winner Announced!

News on returning to in-person classes. It is our aim to return to in-person classes for Term 3. Planning is underway to make that happen in the safest way possible, taking into account Government directions and medical advice. We will have more to say on enrolment options for Term 3 by mid June. To cover all circumstances, we will continue to offer an online option in Term 3 as well as in-person classes.




Music Education


Benefits of Early Music Education - By Freya Dalgleish (Burnley/Carlton Teacher)

We all know that music is ‘good’ for young children, but have you ever really looked at how and why? The benefits of early childhood group music classes are much more wide-ranging than you might expect and are certainly not limited to being able to play a maraca to the beat!

Music education programs for infants and toddlers have been shown to develop cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and pre-academic skills, as well as deepening and strengthening the parent-child relationship and benefiting carers. Research into the effect of music programs on developing minds has been ongoing for decades, and new discoveries are being made all the time. The fields of music psychology, neuromusicology, music education and music therapy are only a few of the academic areas looking into how music affects young children.




Bee Day Winner

Bee Day Winner

Congratulations to Madeleine - our Bee Day winner! We hope you enjoy your Biome Bee House. You can see and hear Madeleine's lovely bee song here.

Many thanks for all of the wonderful entries sent in to celebrate World Bee Day!



World Bee Day

World Bee Day

For those of you who have missed it, at Mini Maestros we’ve been celebrating World Bee Day. Check out our Instagram for some creative and fun bee activities you can do at home with our teacher Kelly. To learn more about the importance of bees visit



Mini Maestros Online

Mini Maestros Online

We’re half way through Term 2 and our Mini Maestros have been loving their online option to continue their learning in lockdown! We’ve really appreciated the wonderful feedback. Here’s one of our Mini Maestros grooving away to the countdown music!



New Platform

New Online Platform

To improve the way we deliver your online lessons, we have now successfully moved to a new online delivery platform for the remainder of Term 2. Now you can pause, fast-forward, rewind, and continue to access your lesson after the week has passed!



Homemade Instruments

Homemade Instruments

Music is all around us. Did you know that you can make your own musical instruments at home? has some easy and fun ideas for making instruments. You can also experiment with making music using objects you can find at home - get creative and experiment.



World Music Day

World Music Day

Coming up on June 21st - World Music Day! (Fête de la Musique) Originating in France, World Music Day is now celebrated annually in 1000 cities across 120 countries on June 21st. Although this year's celebrations will look a little different, it’s a great opportunity to share music with those around us.



Win $100 Instrument Pack

Win a $100 Instrument Pack

In celebration of World Music Day we are running a new competition for parents and carers of Mini Maestros enrolled students. We know many of the adult musicians in lock-down have had some good time to practise songs, so now is your time to shine! To enter: Make a video of yourself performing a song or piece of music of any kind – original or cover. Send us your video by replying to this email by June 20th. Winner will be announced on June 21st! Note: You must have a child enrolled in Term 2, 2020 to enter as a parent or carer.



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