Heart.Beat. Newsletter. Mid Term 3. 2020.

Your chance to win a personalised teddy who sings 4 songs! See details below.

Thank you so much to those of you doing our weekly online classes and Zoom sessions. The connection with you helps us all stay sane and keeps our business alive. We love all the positive feedback and receiving the images and videos you send us!

If you haven’t yet enrolled for Mini Maestros Online, you can now enrol just for the last 5 weeks of Term 3 or even last 3 weeks, to bring some joy, structure and learning to the remaining weeks in lockdown.

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Music is Like Clothes

Contemplating During COVID

Kate Sadler - Kew/Balwyn Franchisee

As I haven’t been able to teach in person since late March, I have been contemplating how music is so crucial to our lives and everyone’s wellbeing. It has the ability to evoke memories; transport us to places; create visions in our heads; make us laugh; cry; move, and quietly contemplate. As a colleague recently said, “It releases the dolphins!” (endorphins), and we could all certainly do with an extra dose of those dolphins just now.






It was so exciting to be invited to be on ‘Sunrise’ on Channel 7. Although Jennie and Bumblebee didn’t get much of a chance to talk, their music got Kochie up and wiggling and dancing, which was a great success!



Kelly's Creative Corner

Kelly's Things to Do In Lockdown

Kelly has been busy again this term creating so many fun extra activities to do while in lockdown. Have you seen her creative use of toilet rolls? Or the very sweet Farmyard Animals? Or the science project of making transport shadows! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more great activities from Kelly to do at home!



Frontline Workers

Frontline Workers Picture Album

We asked children to submit any artwork they wished to be shared with our frontline workers and were sent some creative and wonderful work. You can see the album here. If you want to add to it, just reply to this email and attach a photo of your artwork and we will add it to the album. Many thanks to those of you who have taken part in this lovely idea.



Dress Up Zooms

Dress-Up Zoom Sessions!

Many of our teachers, children and parents have been having so much fun with their dress-up Zoom sessions. We have seen themes like PJ’s, Green theme, and Country and Western, to name a few. These Zoom sessions are a brilliant chance to have some human connection and interaction, both for the children and the adults. And planning what you’re going to dress up as is so much fun! If you have any good photos from a Mini Maestros dress-up Zoom session, reply to this email and include an image and we can share it on social media.



Daggy Dance Comp


Your Chance to Win a Personalised Teddy Who Sings 4 Songs!

My Very Own Story (MVOS) started in 1998 as a unique library of personalised books and interactive educational CD-Roms created to encourage children to enjoy the gift of reading. The personalised books feature your child and their 2 friends as the main characters of the books who go on great adventures and gain knowledge about different things. The MVOS books are aimed at creating a joyful experience for your child and help them to enjoy reading books. MVOS has been kind enough to donate the competition prize for this edition of Heart.Beat. Enter below for your chance to win a Banjo Deluxe Teddy Bear.

This teddy is extremely soft and cuddly and when you hug him, he sings a beautiful, full length personalised song featuring your child's name throughout. He sings 4 full length songs which you can choose from. Banjo Deluxe also has your child's first name embossed on its paw. It is valued at $80, including postage.

How to Enter: Reply to this email, with subject line "Banjo" and let us know how tall Banjo Deluxe is. The 10th person to reply with the correct answer will be the chosen winner and will be announced in the next Heart.Beat. Due to the expected volume of entries, only the winner will be notified via email reply.



Do You Have a Story, 'Bumblebee Travels' Entry or Photo to Share?

We'd love to hear from you! If you'd like to share your Mini Maestros experience, have a parenting story or photo to share, simply reply to this email or submit through our customer app, and we may feature you in the next publication.


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