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Your Chance to Win a Signed Copy of "When the World Went Inside."

What Happens in Term 4?

In NSW you can head straight into in-person classes, but in Victoria it will be a bit longer before we can see you face to face. Meanwhile we have our Online Course and interactive Zoom sessions available. Watch the video below to see what each of the age groups are up to this term.

During Term 4 we normally hold our much loved concerts. The Mini Maestros Concerts are a wonderful way to celebrate our year of learning and confidence building together. They provide an opportunity for children to present their love of music and share their learning with friends and family. If our end of year concerts are not able to proceed as normal this year, where possible, we will hold Zoom concerts so our students still have the opportunity to perform and celebrate with their peers in front of family and friends.

As normal, our 4 - 5 year olds completing the full 10 weeks of Term 4 lessons (from our Online Course, by Zoom classes or in-person) will graduate from Mini Maestros and will receive their coveted Graduation Medal.




One of our teachers, Royce, has created a fun music crossword for you!Click to download a copy!






Zoom Zoom Zoom With Bumblebee

Melissa Eilers - Glen Iris Teacher

My last day teaching face-to-face classes was in late March and I very sadly packed up my cupboards at my Glen Iris venue not knowing how long it would be until I would open those doors again. One week later I was back at Glen Iris packing instruments and puppets and anything I would need into my car to set up my little classroom at home to begin doing Mini Maestros on Zoom! These classes are the absolute highlight of my week. I am able to see my beautiful students and their mummies and daddies, and even some grandparents and nannies. I’ve also made some new friends as more mini maestros have started doing online classes.




Franchisees In Lockdown

Franchisees in Lockdown

Being a franchisee means mainly working autonomously. So while we enjoy daily positive connections with our students and their families, we are all used to working on our own to a degree. In March, when in-person classes ceased we discovered that we needed to find that regular connection and sunshine elsewhere, and so began to create more opportunities for contact with our franchisee colleagues. This has been a lifeline for many. In the six months to date we’ve: Phone-called, Face-timed, emailed, Messenger-ed and Zoomed; Created a wellBEEing platform for all franchisees to contribute to; Formulated plans on returning to classrooms; Had a trivia night, sing-a-longs, even done yoga too; Connected with our students; Posted on social media; Created new rhymes and songs, performing them via screens; Held weekly meetings with Head Office; and worked together to help keep us and the Mini Maestros dream alive.

By Kate Sadler - Mini Maestros Kew/Balwyn Franchisee




Winner of our Last Competition

Congratulations to Carolyn and her granddaughter Emmy for winning our singing Banjo bear competition last Heart.Beat. Here is Emmy with Banjo. Emmy was delighted that Banjo sings a song about her! Thanks so much to Anne from My Very Own Story, for donating the wonderful prize!



7 Boredom Busters

7 Boredom Busters

By Kate Phillips - Rowville Teacher

As a parent with small children, the times I used to dread most were loooong waits in small spaces. Doctor’s surgeries, bus stops, appointments…Places where your little one needs to learn to mark time and wait quietly, without running around, and you don’t have a book or toy handy. Here are some tips for making do with what you have, and engaging your child with the world around you. LEARN THE 7 TIPS HERE.





Your Chance to Win a signed copy of "When the World Went Inside" - By Charlie Golding

Charlie Golding is a Mini Maestros fan and a mum who became an accidental author in lockdown. Charlie was in lockdown with her three children and was trying to help them understand the pandemic and the changes in their world. An avid book reader, she went looking for a book to explain COVID-19 to her young family, but one didn't yet exist! After her son had a heartbreaking episode when he started refusing to leave the house because he was scared the "virus was going to get him", Charlie realised that she had to do better. She wrote a simple story for her family but when she realised that other families were struggling through the same issues, she decided to make the book accessible to others. The feedback has been incredible! Parents are reaching out from all over the world to say how the book has changed the conversations that they are having with their children. The simple tale tells the story of one boy's life in lockdown and provides reassurance to children and parents alike that this will not be forever.

Following on from the story there are three pages of information talking about the virus, how to stay safe and how to have fun at home! Follow Charlie on Facebook or Instagram here.

How to Enter: Download the colouring sheets and choose one to print and decorate. When complete, email a photo of your creation by hitting reply to this email (or emailing online@minimaestros.com.au) with the subject line "Charlie Golding" by October 31st. The winner will be displayed and announced in the next edition of Heart.Beat.



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