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Your chance to win a kids book bundle and more! See more details below.

Term 1 is well underway and children and parents alike have been enjoying being back in the classroom and seeing real humans again! Below are a few photos from children enjoying their in-person lessons.

If you click play on the video above, you will see our latest video, "Questions to Ask When Choosing a Activity for Your Baby to 5 Year Old." There are so many things to weigh up when choosing an activity. So we thought it would be helpful to have a video to assist parents when trying to decide. Feel free to share this email with a friend!

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Mini Maestros Moments




Onlooker Learners


What are Onlooker Learners?

If you're new to Mini Maestros you might wonder why your little one does more watching than participating in class, but then at home starts singing or demonstrating what they learnt in class. As well as needing some weeks to build confidence in the classroom setting, your child might be in a phase of being what is called an onlooker learner. Many children will go through this stage and our teachers understand that this style of learning is very common, not just in young children, but in all of us!

You can read more about onlooker learners here in an article written by Emma Hart, our former Head Of Teaching.




Meet Our Franchisees


Meet Our Mini Maestros Franchisee - Cathy Edgar

It's time to get to know some of our wonderful franchisees a little better. We asked Cathy Edgar our Bundoora/South Morang/Ivanhoe/Rosanna franchisee the following questions, so you can enjoy getting to know Cathy by reading her answers.

Question 1: Assuming you already have food and water, what 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

  1. A photo of my family – I would miss them so much
  2. My runners – I love running and a deserted island would be the perfect backdrop.
  3. Sunscreen – no explanation needed.

Question 2: Who is your favourite band/musician at the moment?
I am an 80’s tragic and listen to 80’s music everyday – especially fond of Queen /Freddie Mercury and Duran Duran but my son has recently introduced to me to “The Strokes”, so digging their music at the moment.

Question 3: What superpower would you like to have and why?
Time travel – not sure if you would call that a super power, but I always wish I could travel back in time. I would love to travel back to the early 1900’s and the 70’s and 80’s again. Maybe give my younger self some advice and I would give my Nanna the biggest hug ever – I miss her so much.

Question 4: What are 3 pieces of advice you would give to a child as they embark on their life’s journey?
Get outside as much as you can – Play. Smell the fresh air and create wonderful memories of outdoor play so that when you are older you can look back and reflect on those childhood memories.

Always be polite and learn good manners from a young age.

Ask lots of questions – it’s a great way of learning.

Question 5: What’s the best thing about being a Mini Maestros Franchisee?

Where do I start !

It’s been a wonderful and amazing 20 years of being a franchisee and Mini Maestros teacher.

A lot has changed over the last 20 years and the best thing is that the business has adapted as my family has grown. You couldn’t ask for a better job/business than that.

Mini Maestros has become part of our family and my hubby and kids love helping out with the traditional “End of Year” concerts and I actually can’t see me doing anything else.

I also love all the connections I have made with my wonderful customers and children. I love how they come back with their younger siblings and continue the Mini Maestros tradition with them. And the best part is when they tell me how much their child has loved coming to classes and how they have flourished as their learning journey continues at school.

I have also meet so many amazing new friends (fellow franchisees and Head Office staff) and they have become part of my life.




3 Week Trials


3 Week Trials - Let Your Friends Know!

Joining part way through the term can be a wonderful idea for those who are new to Mini Maestros. We offer 3 week trials for new students so parents can get to know the program and see how their child settles in. Most young children can be hesitant to actively participate in their first class as everything is new – the venue, the teacher, the other children, the repertoire and activities, and the class structure. Children need 2-3 weeks to become familiar with things and build confidence to join in with the activities. If you have any friends who may like to join in the fun and learning, let them know about our 3 week trials by sharing this email with them. New students are welcome to join at any part of the term - subject to availability!




Fun Music Facts


Fun Music Facts

Brought to you from our friends over at 3MBS.

The English composer, Havergal Brian, wrote his first symphony for an orchestra of not 100, not 200, but 800 people! Imagine trying to fit 800 people on a stage - it would have to be huge!





Your Chance to Win Children's Books!

Sharna Carter is a children’s author and a long-time Mini Maestros mum from the Mornington Peninsula. Her debut picture book titled ‘Watermelon Pip,’ has just been released and is ready to be gobbled up by little readers. Watermelon Pip is an utterly gorgeous picture book about sustainability and sharing. The story follows Pip, whose favourite food in the whole world is watermelon and she doesn’t like to share it with anyone. But when the watermelon supply runs out, Pip has to learn to improvise and then she has to learn to share the fruits of her labour! Watermelon Pip is published by Ethicool Books and they proudly create remarkable children’s books about the world’s big issues. They empower their young readers and inspire them to create positive change. To buy Watermelon Pip and explore other great titles head to their website.

Sharna Carter and Ethicool Books have been kind enough to offer our readers of Heart.Beat. A fantastic 1st and 2nd prize for two fortunate families.

1st prize is a Nature Set Book Bundle of 5 Books from Ethicool Books, + 1 x Watermelon Pip Book valued at $115!

2nd prize is the Watermelon Pip Book Signed by Sharna Carter the author!

For your chance to win, head over to their website to find the answer to this question, and reply to this email with your answer. Use email subject title "Watermelon Pip Comp."

Question: What year was Ethicool Books founded?

The 1st prize winner will be the 5th person to email us with the correct answer, and the 2nd prize winner will be the 20th email received. Due to the large volume of entries we usually receive for competitions, only the winners will receive a reply email. Winners will be announced in the next edition of Heart.Beat.




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