Heart.Beat. - Mid Term 2 - 2021

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'Where Are They Now Video?' - Episode 1 Released!
Because Mini Maestros has been running now for around 40 years, we thought it was time to follow up with a few past Maestros to see what they are up to today. Watch the video above - “Where are They Now?” - Episode 1. If you know of a past Mini Maestro who could be featured in an upcoming episode, please ask them to fill in this form. All they need to do is upload a voice or video recording reading the script template provided, plus two photos. One at Mini Maestros age and one recent. Many thanks to those who took part in Episode 1.

Three Week Trials - Let Your Friends Know!
As we head into the second half of Term 2 it is the perfect time for someone new to Mini Maestros to sign up for a three week trial so they can meet the teacher, see how our classes are and get a taste of the program before deciding to enrol in Term 3. Please let your friends know about doing a 3-week trial now




The Power of Repetition

The Power of Repetition

Parents sometimes ask us why we have so much repetition in our classes. It is because it is through repetition we all learn, adults included! Repetition is essential for building neural pathways and learning new skills, and repetition for babies and young children can be in the form of observation or active engagement. Knowing what to expect in class is an important part of helping young children to feel confident in our lessons.

Apart from learning through repetition, all of us like what we know. We love hearing our old favourite songs in the car, particularly ones we have sung along to hundreds of times before. We like revisiting familiar places. We like eating the same foods most days. Proof of liking what we know and what we have repeated many times is as simple as thinking of what book or lullaby a child asks for every single night at bedtime - the one they have heard countless times before!

Want to know more about why repetition is so important for development?



Meet The Franchisees

Chantelle Alvaro is the owner/operator of the Montmorency/Greensborough/Eltham franchise. We asked Chantelle a few questions so you can get to know her better and this is what she had to say.

Question 1: Assuming you already have food and water, what 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

Sleeping bag, first aid kit, musical instrument. READ FULL INTERVIEW

Meet The Franchisees


Curious Music Facts

Curious Music Facts
Brought to you by 3MBS.

The cello, which looks like a big violin and sits in front of the performer between their legs, is actually a shortening of its full name, the "violoncello". This is the Italian word for "little violone", which was a type of instrument played in the 17th-century.


"Mini Maestros Moment" of the Month

We love when we are sent in "Mini Maestros Moments."

Our favourite moment of this month is of Ben, when he finally conquered his fear of the parachute. The look of pure joy on his face melted his Grandmother’s heart!

If you have a moment to share, reply to this email and attach the image or video.

Mini Maestros Moment


Competition Time

Competition Time! Green Earth Kids

If you have been looking for sustainable kids toys, look no further! Green Earth Kids has what you need to create a plastic-free, nature-themed play space. Green Earth Kids is a family owned business based in Ballarat, Victoria. Their passion is to inspire and educate children to love nature and protect the environment. They believe if children play, explore and learn about sustainability values in childhood they will grow in to responsible and ethical adults who will help to heal our planet for generations to come. Enter or your chance to win one of two fantastic prizes!

1st Prize is A Garden Package! A herb patch kit and hand trowel valued at $41

2nd Prize is 3 x Roobee Roo board books! “In The Patch,” “Concert Time,” and “Goes Whoosh” Valued at $39.


1. “Like” Their Facebook Page

2. Reply to this email and tell us who owns “Green Earth Kids?”


1. You must have a student currently enrolled in Mini Maestros to be eligible to enter! 2. 1st prize winner will be the 1st person to reply with the correct answer, and who has also “liked” their Facebook page, 2nd prize will be for the 10th person to reply with the correct answer, and has also “liked” their Facebook page. 3. Due to the volume of entries, only the winners will be notified via email and announced in the next edition of Heart.Beat.





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