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What Happens in Term 1?


Heart.Beat. Start of Term 1. 2022

Watch our exclusive in-depth interview with Shae Cox, Holistic Infant & Child Sleep Consultant and Conscious Parenting Coach and founder of Connection Village PLUS your Chance to Win an Amazing Consultation Package Valued between $500-$900 below!

Welcome to Term 1! We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season and are as excited as we are about the upcoming year of nurturing our children to become Creative, Capable, Resilient and Aware so they can skip into the future and THRIVE!

Thank you to everyone who has already enrolled. Our teachers can’t wait to see you in class and do what we love most - making music together.

Our Mini Maestros COVID-19 Safe Classes Plan, Free Come & Try demonstrations, 3 week trials and back-up Online Course for every full enrolment will give you peace of mind that Mini Maestros is the right choice to support your child to thrive in 2022.

Want to know what happens in Term 1? Watch the video above to find out.




The Melodies Continue


The Melodies Continue

Georgie Downs has returned to teach at Mini Maestros! Here is what she has to say:

“When I first started at Mini Maestros nearly 25 years ago we used to use taped music. I remember sitting down and rewinding and cueing all my tapes to go in the mornings before classes started. Now that my youngest has started school I’m excited to be back and learn how to use the songs through my phone! I don’t believe children have changed at all though. They still love and need music.”

Georgie previously ran her own Mini Maestros franchises before going on family leave. We are delighted that Georgie is back teaching classes with us in early learning centres in Term 1.



Meet the Franchisees


Meet The Franchisees

Lisa Marcolin is the owner/operator of the Doncaster Franchise. We asked Lisa a few questions so you can get to know her better and this is what she had to say.

Question 1: Assuming you already have food and water, what 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

  1. My family (hope that can be included as one thing!)
  2. My guitar
  3. A chef to make the most of the food available (I’m a Taurean so it’s a high priority!)




Music Facts


Interesting Musical Facts from 3MBS

Tchaikovsky’s Ballet “Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a romantic ballet in four acts with music written by the Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875-76. The story of the ballet is based on a German fairy tale and tells the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer's curse.

The ballet was first performed on 4 March 1877 at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow and was considered a flop by critics. It is now one of the most famous ballets of all time.

On Saturday the 19th of February 3MBS is doing a Tchaikovsky Marathon!!


Brain Games


Brain Games - Music Riddle

For those of you who like a bit of a brain workout, here is a music themed puzzle for your mind palace.

I don't have any fingers but only a thumb. Yet, I have a pinky ring. I have no steeple and neither do I have a mouth. But I have a bell as well as a brace. What am I?

(The Answer will be in the next edition of Heart.Beat.)



Why Do We Do Peekaboos?


Did You Know this Interesting Fact about Peekaboos?

Until a certain age, babies think you actually disappear when you hide behind a peekaboo scarf! According to Wikipedia, Peekaboo is thought by developmental psychologists to demonstrate an infant's inability to understand object permanence. Object permanence is an important stage of cognitive development for infants. In early sensorimotor stages, the infant is completely unable to comprehend object permanence. Psychologist Jean Piaget conducted experiments with infants which led him to conclude that this awareness was typically achieved at eight to nine months of age. He claimed that infants before this age are too young to understand object permanence. A lack of object permanence can lead to A-not-B errors, where children reach for a thing at a place where it should not be.

So next time you play peekaboo, know that the look of delight on your baby's face when you reappear is because, to them, it really is magic! You actually disappeared and came back!



Mini Maestros Interviews Shae Cox



Your Chance to Win an Amazing Package Valued between $500-$900!


Mini Maestros Interviews


In our new interview series, we interviewed Shae Cox a Holistic Infant & Child Sleep Consultant and Conscious Parenting Coach. Watch the interview video above. Shae is the founder of Connection Village, where she supports families from conception and beyond to raise connected children. The Village helps parents to nurture meaningful bonds with their children across every age and stage of parenting. Her approach is holistic, collaborative, non-judgemental and through educating and coaching she supports people to be the best parent they can be.

Shae offers free 15 minute consultations – head over to her
website here.

Shae finds sleep deprived parents respond well to podcasts as opposed to books, so she has created a list of both books and podcasts she recommendations below.


Listen By Patty Wipfler & Tosha Schore.

Anxious Mums & Anxious Kids by Dr Jodi Richardson

The Father Hood by Luke Benedictus, Andrew McUtchen & Jeremy Macvean


The Aware Parenting Podcast by Lael Stone & Marion Rose.

Hand In Hand Parenting by Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald

Well, Hello Anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson


Mini Maestros Interviews

Shae has been kind enough to offer an absolutely fantastic and generous prize to one lucky reader of Heart.Beat.

PRIZE: Enter for your chance to win a Connected Sleep, Conscious Parent Coaching, Connection Coaching or The Parenting Journey - Bump & Beyond Package (valued between $500-$900)!



1. Like Shae’s Instagram Page.

2. Reply to this email and let us know what year Shae launched “Connection Village.” Hint – the answer will be found on her website or in the interview video.

3. PLUS - in no more than 50 words, let us know why you want to win this wonderful prize. Entries close midnight Sunday the 13th of February 2022.

WINNER: To be eligible to win, you must;
1. Have a child enrolled in Term 1 2022 Mini Maestros in-person classes. (ENROL HERE)
2. Like the Connection Village Instagram page.
3. Reply to this email with the correct answer to the question and why you would like to win.

Winner will contacted and announced (along with their answer) in the next edition of Heart.Beat.



Mini Maestros Interviews



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