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Heart.Beat. Mid Term 1. 2022

Introductory Offers Available! - We have introductory offers available, such as Free Come and Tries and 3-week Trials. Offers available for new students and subject to available places. Be quick! Learn more here.

Our 1,000th Review - This month we are excited to achieve the milestone of receiving our 1,000th Trustpilot review! Thank you to everyone who has left us a review over the past couple of years. We love receiving and reading them! If you still haven’t shared your thoughts, feel free to leave us a review here.

The Social Joy of In-Person Classes - With the Term well underway, it’s wonderful to see the children making progress and forming in-class friendships. Some of our newest babies are seeing other babies for the first time! It’s so heartening to know that parents and children alike are making new friends in our classes. If you have a story of friendship to share, just reply to this email, and we can share it through our social channels.

A Privilege to Interview a Mover and Shaker in the Education Sector - A massive highlight this month was the 2nd interview in our “Mini Maestros Interviews” series. We had an in-depth sit down with Katie Fleet - Partner and Education Director at Eds. Learn more and watch the interview below.



Free Come and Tries



Mid Term Magic


Mid Term Magic


The middle of a term is an exciting point where we see a lot of progress all of a sudden. Because children are familiar with some of the term's repertoire by this point, they have more confidence to respond in various ways to show their understanding of what is happening in the music and in the classes. Remember that, like adults, most children prefer to wait until they are sure of what is going on before they join in wholeheartedly with activities. Now that the term's songs are familiar to them, they know what to expect and feel more confident and secure in lessons. Learn more about the different age groups here.




Meet the Franchisees


Meet The Franchisees

Michelle Maglitto is the Owner/Operator of our Altona/Williamstown/Hoppers Crossing Franchise. We asked Michelle a few questions so you can get to know her better and this is what she had to say.

Question 1: Assuming you already have food and water, what 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

Apart from my family, as I wouldn’t go anywhere without them, I would definitely take my phone to listen to music as I often bop along whilst working or cooking at home. I would take my dog, as he is a great listener even when I need to offload after a hard day :)

And lastly my pillow… I cannot get a good nights sleep without my pillow!




Music Facts


Interesting Musical Facts from 3MBS

Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, Louisiana, United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with its roots in blues and ragtime.

Although Jazz is difficult to define, one difference between jazz and classical music is that jazz musicians improvise. Musical improvisation is a creative process that requires the jazz artist to be spontaneous, composing music on their instrument or scat singing music that has never been played or written down before.


Brain Games


Brain Games - Music Riddle

Last Month: I don't have any fingers but only a thumb. Yet, I have a pinky ring. I have no steeple and neither do I have a mouth. But I have a bell as well as a brace. What am I? Answer = A Trumpet!

New Riddle: I’m at the beginning of a phrase. I am at the end of a harp. I appear once in a xylophone. I appear twice in bagpipes. What am I?

The Answer will be in the next edition of Heart.Beat.



Moment of the Month


Moment of the Month

This featured image captured the excitement so brilliantly of what it feels like to return to in-person Mini Maestros classes! Thanks so much to @babypipey for letting us share it through our channels.

Have a moment to share? Reply to this email with your photo.

New Classes


New Venues & Days

We’re Excited to Announce New Classes:

Templestowe & Preston West Saturdays.

Kew East Tuesdays.



Mini Maestros Interviews Katie Fleet


Mini Maestros Interviews


It was an honour to interview Katie Fleet Partner and Education Director at Eds.

Eds. supports schools, education institutions and organisations to demonstrate their impact through clearer evidence of learning and wellbeing outcomes.


Mini Maestros Interviews

Katie has a very impressive resume in the field of education, and shares the Mini Maestros mission of supporting the next generation to thrive. Katie is doing all she can, in her company and working with the government, to help shape the education system in Australia. It was wonderful to pick her brains about what’s happening on a State and National level in education in Australia and how it compares to other places of the world. Watch the in-depth interview with Katie Fleet here.



What Happens in Term 1?



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