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Heart.Beat. Start of Term 3. 2022

Welcome to Term 3 - Term 3 is a turning point in the year; we see many students achieve break-throughs in class. Read below for a full breakdown of each class level and what to expect this term.

New Mini Maestros Website! - We are excited to announce we have a new Mini Maestros website that is easier to navigate and has extra articles and news you may find interesting. Check it out here.

House of Emmerson - Special Coupon for Heart.Beat Readers!
- In a lovely collaboration with a clothing store "House of Emmerson" that features emerging children’s designers, Mini Maestros has been offered an exclusive coupon for Heart. Beat Readers. See segment below.

Mini Maestros Teachers - Our teachers are the life blood of Mini Maestros, they are so passionate about playing their part in helping the next generation to thrive. Watch the video below to learn more.

Get Dressed for Success with a Mini Maestros T-Shirt! - More and more children are wearing the Mini Maestros T-Shirt in class and they look fantastic! There are benefits in getting your little one used to wearing a uniform too. Read more below.



What Happens in Term 3?


What to Expect in Term 3?

Term 3 is a turning point in the year; we see many students achieve break-throughs in class in their learning and development as confidence and independence grow.

Children will continue to extend their musical skills through a range of activities, many of which are centred around the themes of Animals and Transport.

6 - 15 month olds will continue to build on their listening skills by playing percussion instruments in stop and start activities. Prop and puppet activities will help extend their concentration and eye tracking skills. Babies will develop a feeling for musical phrasing through peek-a-boo activities, lap plays and movement activities. They will continue to participate in dances with their carers to reinforce a steady sense of beat and listen to different styles of music. As they become older they will begin to watch others in the room and start to copy what they see in action songs and instrumental activities.

1-2 year olds will continue to build on their listening skills by playing percussion instruments in stop and start activities. Prop and puppet activities will help extend their concentration and focus. Children will enjoy coming out from under their scarves and saying 'boo!' to everyone in peekaboo songs. At this stage of the year the children will also enjoy showing everyone what actions they would like to do for the Welcome Song, sometimes without their carers' help!

2-3 year old children will reinforce their understanding of tempo and dynamics through a range of songs and movement activities. They will develop their dramatic play skills with songs such as 'Five Little Ducks' and 'Miss Polly Had a Dolly'. Children will continue to play percussion instruments to explore the elements of music and will begin to participate in simple group and individual performance activities. As their language skills develop, they will start talking about the music they hear and the activities they participate in.

3-4 year old children will continue to consolidate their understanding of dynamics (piano/forte) and tempo (lento/presto) through singing, moving and playing instruments. They will learn about the elements of music through the theme of 'transport', singing and moving to songs about cars, buses, trains and trams. Children will extend their understanding of high and low by learning about where these sounds live in the 'Music House' (music staff). The lessons will continue to offer children opportunities to make choices about how they perform musical works and to perform in front of the group.

4-5 year old children will extend their reading skills and be introduced to basic melodic notation. They will learn to follow simple two-note melodies on the music staff and sing them before transferring them to their chime bars. Children will play musical games that further develop their listening skills and require them to sing solos. They will also build on their understanding of rhythm and start to make crotchets (taa) and quavers (ti-ti) conscious. They will learn how to draw these notes and how to sight read basic rhythm patterns. Children will participate in ensemble activities using their chime bars and a range of percussion instruments.




Meet the Franchisees


Meet The Franchisees

Jan Close is the Owner/Operator of our Kingston Franchise. We asked Julia a few questions so you can get to know her better and this is what she had to say.

Question 1: Assuming you already have food and water, what 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

I would take my family (because a family counts as one thing, and includes the dog!), a piano and a football.




Mini Maestros Teachers


Mini Maestros Teachers


Attending our classes means you and your child are in the very best hands. Mini Maestros teachers are thoroughly trained and skilled early childhood music educators. Our teachers are passionate about their vocation and committed to supporting the next generation to thrive. Watch the video above to learn more about our wonderful Mini Maestros Teachers!



Mini Maestros TShirts


Get Your Little One Dressed for Success with a Mini Maestros T-Shirt or Hoodie!


They look so good, teachers love seeing them, children get excited to wear them, and they also come with the bonus that your child starts to get used to wearing a uniform for when they go to big school! Children can get a stronger sense of occasion and take learning more seriously when they dress specifically for class. Order Yours Today!




Music Facts


Interesting Musical Facts from 3MBS

What is an Opera?

An opera is a dramatic story set to music. An opera is like a play with costumes and sets but nearly everything is sung instead of spoken. The performance is typically given in an opera house, accompanied by an orchestra or smaller musical ensemble.

An opera is normally divided into two, three, four or even five acts. Each act is made up of a number of pieces of music called recitatives, arias and choruses. The recitatives narrate the story. The arias elaborate on particular events or feelings and are songs for solo singers who may sing alone or with just one other (a duet) or two others (a trio) or more. The choruses are sung by groups of singers and represent a crowd participating in, or commenting on, the story.




House of Emmerson


House of Emmerson - Special Coupon

House of Emmerson is an online destination for emerging children’s designers from around the world for girls and boys aged 1M-6.

Founded in 2018 by Mother and Daughter duo Hayley and Lisa Krakouer. Hayley and Lisa strive to create cohesive seasonal collections from both popular trusted childrens wear brands and designers that you may not have found otherwise. The House of Emmerson aesthetic is classic with a modern twist and feminine and preppy yet striking - showcasing timeless silhouettes that have often been constructed in a modern, fashion forward style.

House of Emmerson is an Australian based company with their flagship Melbourne boutique is in the beautiful Maling Road, Canterbury 3126 village.

House of Emmerson are thrilled to offer our Heart.Beat. newsletter readers a $25 discount when spending over $150. Use code MINIMAESTROS at their checkout to redeem!


House of Emmerson


House of Emmerson



New Days


New Days, Locations and Events

Ringwood/Vermont 1-2’s Fridays - 8.45am.

Rosanna classes are now being held at our new purpose-built classroom in Ivanhoe on Tuesdays.

Upcoming Events

We have various upcoming Free come and Trys at various locations. Click the button below to find a Come and Try near you or ask your local venue about their "Introductory Offers."




Mini Maestros Interviews Ramesh Shrestha



Ramesh Shrestha

"Will I ever use this when I grow up?"

This single question from one of his students changed the direction of Ramesh's life. He boarded a plane to Australia to grow and learn as a teacher. He wanted to provide education that had a real-life application for his children.


Today, Ramesh works as an Early Childhood Teacher and Environment Rating Scale Observer at Goodstart Early Learning Jerrabomberra. He also volunteers a lot of his time to promote educational equity, conduct community welfare projects and empower at-risk and disadvantaged communities. To date, Ramesh has conducted over 250 projects, events, workshops and fundraisers while pursuing his goal to build a more fair, caring and kind society. He was also awarded the Best VET/TAFE Student of the Year 2020 Award for his works by the Council of International Students Australia. In 2020 Ramesh was a finalist for NSW international student, the highest recognition for international students.

Ramesh Shrestha


Ramesh is founder of the 'Shakti Scholarships', a scholarship program to empower at-risk and disadvantaged young girls of Nepal through education. He also manages two FB groups 'Thriving as Male Educators' and 'Educators Wellbeing Hub'. Ramesh's dream is to open his own school in Nepal that promotes the holistic development of children and provides an education that has real-life application. Watch the interview above to hear what Ramesh has to say about early childhood education here and abroad.
FURTHER INFO > Shakti Scholarships | Thriving as Male Educators Facebook Group | The Ron Clark Story | Ramesh Shrestha on LinkedIn


Ramesh Shrestha



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