Nurturing Confident Learners

Mini Maestros offers fun, active and educational music classes for children, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, aged 6 months to 5 years of age.

An Australian music program for pre-school kids, Mini Maestros combines music and joyful discovery to encourage confident and happy learners.

Our music classes enhance children’s development while they are having fun. Singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments and musical games stimulate the children’s creativity and imagination.

Children participate in a carefully planned and sequential program. As well as introducing musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, form and notation, our program develops the whole child by encouraging children’s speech development, listening skills, social skills and physical skills.

Music making is superfood for a child’s developing brain.

By stimulating whole brain development within a social context, Mini Maestros nurtures confident learners.

Upon paying for classes every student receives our bonus Mini Maestros At Home Educational Activities e-Pack. This interactive pack enables you to enjoy Mini Maestros activities with your child even before your first class. It also sets out the developmental steps observed in our classes so you know what to expect and can look out for your child’s progress. It contains:

  • An insightful update on the scientific link between active musical engagement (at any level or age) and brain development
  • Activities to do at home with your little ones to help support their learning and development (including music tracks)
  • Some fun colouring and craft activities (including downloadable templates)
  • What to expect in class according to class level
  • Student stories

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Learning music is brain food

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