At your ELC

The Mini Maestros curriculum is entirely consistent with the Early Years Learning Framework and works effectively to deliver the outcomes that the Framework seeks.

Mini Maestros teachers create a welcoming, inclusive classroom environment where children’s contributions are valued and encouraged. Our teachers provide worthwhile, challenging experiences for children using a range of teaching strategies such as:

  • Modelling and demonstration
  • Open-ended questioning
  • Speculating
  • Explaining
  • Engaging in shared thinking and problem solving
  • Planning for intentional teaching and knowledge building

A Mini Maestros teacher can come each week or fortnight to run classes at your centre. We are also available to present one-off sessions and concerts.

Our teachers provide all of the equipment including the instruments, puppets and props that we use in our private groups.

We can provide sessions in the morning or the afternoon at a time that suits your routine.

In the babies’ room we usually suggest a 20 to 30 minute session, depending on the age of the babies in the room. Babies and toddlers are involved in a variety of songs and activities to help with language development, listening skills and gross motor skills. Bouncing activities with carers will help to reinforce a sense of steady beat and allow children to experience changes in tempo and metre. Mini Maestros teachers use props and puppets to encourage focus and capture the children’s attention. Babies and toddlers will be provided with opportunities to explore and experiment with a variety of percussion instruments. Peekaboo and parachute activities help babies and toddlers develop confidence and experience musical phrasing. The Mini Maestros program exposes babies and toddlers to a rich variety of musical experiences in a fun, nurturing environment.

In the 2 year old room we suggest a 30 minute session. Two year olds participate in a range of activities to reinforce elements of music such as beat, pitch, tempo, dynamics and form. Children are given opportunities to physically experience these elements through dance and movement activities, playing percussion instruments and singing. Our two year old classes aim to help develop children’s language skills and extend vocabulary. Props and puppets are used to stimulate children’s imaginations and create a playful atmosphere.

In the 3 year old room we recommend a 30 to 45 minute session. In this age group, elements such as beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch and style are made conscious. Children learn special musical terms to describe the music they hear and perform. They are encouraged to share their ideas with others and improvise using voice, movement and percussion instruments. Children are given opportunities to practise new skills such as one-to-one correspondence and left-toright reading which help prepare them for kinder and school. They are also introduced to graphic notation and picture symbols to represent what they hear, sing and play.

In the 4 year old room we recommend a 30 to 45 minute session. In Mini Maestros’ 4 year old classes, the children’s awareness of musical elements becomes more evident and they are encouraged to contribute their ideas in songs, improvisation and ensemble activities. The program supports children in gaining confidence and independence through musical games, performance activities and dramatic play. 4 year olds learn to read some formal notation and are involved in composition and music reading activities. Elements of music such as beat, rhythm, pitch, form and dynamics are all made conscious in this age group and are practised through singing, playing percussion instruments and movement activities.

“Our experience with Mini Maestros has been phenomenal! The children at our kindergarten really enjoy learning music in a fun and engaging way with Fiona. Each week, we learn different musical concepts such as beat and rhythm. Throughout the music program, the children not only can develop their knowledge in Music but also develop their listening skill, social skills, and physical skills. During covid-19 restrictions, Mini-Maestros and Fiona adapted the program to meet our needs, including the delivery of a remote music program. We are grateful for their professionalism, flexibility, and innovative approach.”   

Katrina, Little St. Margaret’s Malvern.

No Matter Where You are Located You Can Have Mini Maestros at Your Centre via Our Online Course!

Doing our “Mini Maestros Online in Your Early Childhood Education Centre” course is the next best thing to having Mini Maestros incursions at your centre – the children watch and participate in the course while all activities are facilitated by your educators (using our clear instructions).

Mini Maestros has developed an Online Course specifically for Early Childhood Education Centres. Each module of the Course comprises 5 lessons, teacher guides (including objectives, preparation and milestones), downloadable music activity sheets and certificates of completion for the educator and each child. Watch this sample video.