7 Ways Mini Maestros Classes Accelerate Language Development

Do you want to support your little one’s speech and communication skills?

Here are 7 ways that attending Mini Maestros Music & Movement classes will accelerate your child’s language development.

1. The Power of Melody

Children sing before they can speak. Singing is the most effective way to develop language fluency. It also helps build vocabulary and memory.

2. Sequential Learning

Our program follows a sequential curriculum so children can practise and refine their skills each week.

3. Learning From Peers

Children learn best from observing, interacting and having fun with their peers.

4. Brain Development

Being actively involved in music is the best way to light up all areas of the brain at once.

5. Age Appropriate Songs & Rhymes

Our classes will equip you with a rich variety of age-appropriate, fun repertoire to enjoy with your child and help develop their language skills.

6. Repetition

Children enjoy what they know and seek repetition. Our classes follow a predictable structure and include repetition so that children feel confident to participate, and build upon what they learn.

7. Fun

Learning music with others is fun and gives children a sense of wellbeing and belonging.

Supporting your child to thrive is easy when you choose to enrol in Mini Maestros music and movement for 0-5s because our curriculum has been created to develop the whole child!