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Music Forever

By Adina Hall - Former Mini Maestros Dingley/Black Rock/Sandringham Franchisee.

Music is everywhere.

Our lives are surrounded by music, whether it’s hearing music on the radio, being outside hearing the birds singing, individuals who sing or perform music, or even attending a concert. Music is a wonderful part of life!

Children who attend Mini Maestros learn so much about music. They discover their singing voices, and from there, learn to sing a large repertoire of songs and participate in singing games. They learn about the elements of music such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, pitch and tempo. They will also learn about many instruments from the orchestra; including violin, cello, double bass, trombone, saxophone, guitar and flute. During Mini Maestros classes, children enjoy playing a wide variety of percussion instruments, such as bells, claves, triangles, maracas, tambourines, drums and finger cymbals. The 4-5 year old program is a particularly exciting one, as children will learn to play their first tuned instrument - the chime bars! I am always amazed to see Mini Maestros students really becoming “little musicians”.

As a Mini Maestros teacher, while also teaching piano, I aim to empower children through music. I believe that the purpose of music lessons is not only to develop a skill, but that the child will go away empowered. If the music hasn’t touched the spirit, then why bother with it? A skill on its own is nothing. The mathematician who learns by rote the formula set for the exam, is not going to go on with maths if it is just to pass an exam. If it touches the spirit and they see the beauty and the harmony of it, then they may go on to study it.

Children who have been empowered through music feel good about themselves. They want to continue learning and performing, and they develop a love of music. In fact, many Mini Maestros graduates do continue learning music. Many children begin piano lessons with me, and love playing the Mini Maestros songs on the piano. “It’s easy, I know how the songs go!”, says Sarah, a past Mini Maestros graduate. “Don’t you feel so good when you play so well!”, I say. The pianist should be able to feel the sense of ebb and flow through the melody, the sense of rhythmic tension and release from tension, and have the power to shape the sound.

Perhaps you and your children have a favourite song or musical recording that you love to hear?

There is something wonderful in music that makes us to want to repeat it over and over. For this reason, songs and nursery rhymes continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

The power of music actually has the ability to develop the inner being. Children aquire a sensitivity, an awareness, an understanding of life and of themselves through learning music.

“Music makes me feel joyful when I play”, says Asher, pianist and past Mini Maestros graduate.

Music is so important in our lives. Music is forever!

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