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By Liz Davis - Former Mini Maestros Geelong/Bellarine/Surf Coast Franchisee

One can’t help but notice the constant bombardment of advertising these days for “health products”. Things promoted to help your wellbeing such as shakes, powders, pills and tonics. It feels like the world is so focused on physical wellbeing –and many of these adverts are focused on how you will feel if you look a certain way.

If only it was this simple!

Many of our families experienced a higher level of illnesses through the season this year. When our health suffers, often other aspects of life feel more difficult. We’re tired, grumpy, thinking more of ourselves - how to get through each busy day with our families.
Getting to know my Mini Maestros families on the Bellarine this year, I’ve come to see that many have had tough circumstances. Unwell children, chronic illness, bereavement, financial/job stresses & juggling new babies: we’re all in the same boat trying to balance.

Wellbeing can seem quite elusive at times. Seeking this ourselves is really important to the health of our relationships and families. Being able to pass on these ideas to your children will help set them up for a better quality of life as they grow up.

So many life factors make up our wellbeing and we each need to find our own ingredients. What are the activities that rejuvenate your spirit and make you feel excited about life?

Once you’ve had a look at your wellbeing, extend this to your family and children. How can you help them to approach life thinking of these factors and feeling a sense of balance?

Our wellbeing is so much more than our physical health and being happy. explains it as “a consistent state of wellness, satisfaction and contentment”. It sounds nice doesn’t it?

In researching I found some points on “How To Achieve Wellbeing” and felt like our Mini Maestros classes fulfilled many of the points for me, just being a teacher. My hope and belief is that our classes offer these opportunities for wellbeing for our students, parents and carers as well.

* Develop and maintain strong relationships with friends and family

* Make regular time available for social contact.

* Do regular physical activity

* Become involved in activities that interest you

* Set yourself achievable goals and work towards them

* Try to be optimistic and enjoy everyday

Obviously we do need to take care of ourselves physically by eating well, and trying to achieve a healthy amount of sleep. Researching the elements that can improve a sense of wellbeing, I realised that it’s complicated; many factors are interrelated and it can seem unobtainable. It doesn’t need to have an end goal, striving for it can be a way to live a better life. The best thing is that none of it relies on gimmicks, pills or potions. It just involves us!

I encourage you to take hold of the reins and seek your own wellbeing and trickle it through your family this Summer – throughout 2017 and beyond!

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