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Relationships - By Ally Hvalica

As a Mini Maestros teacher, I truly believe in our motto: Nurturing Confident Learners. I believe if we want to achieve this, we need to establish and nurture positive, engaging, trustworthy and growing relationships between children, their parents/carers and us; teachers.

From the moment children open their eyes in the morning, they see their biggest and strongest role models, their parents and carers. For a parent or carer to know their child is excited to come to Mini Maestros classes, provides a special bond for enjoying music together. This makes the child - parent/ carer relationship stronger, because they are simply doing something they both love together. They are sharing the joy of music.

Throughout my teaching years I have seen beautiful relationships between mother and child, father and child, and whole families, where not only parents attend the classes, but also grandparents and cousins, making a special experience for everyone. For me as a Mini Maestros teacher and franchise owner, to be a part of those special relationships with families is priceless and a very humbling experience.

Giving children a positive attitude and relationship at home reflects on their ability to create and nourish friendships with other children. Children understand that each week the same children will come to Mini Maestros classes, and it provides them the comfort, confidence, time and opportunity to create their own circle of friends and, thus, new relationships begin. To observe children getting along, interacting and looking after each other is one of the biggest rewards for teachers and carers.

How cute it is when children give each other a hug, or when little Sophie tells me she is having a play date with Michael after class. And it is so lovely when the whole group goes for a coffee after their Mini Maestros lesson. Just like children, adults love socialising with people they meet at Mini Maestros. I made some beautiful friends 8 years ago when I took my daughter to Mini Maestros classes.

As a teacher, the relationship I cherish the most is the one between children, their carers and me. I see them once a week, which is more than I see my own grandparents or cousins. This consistency means that we get to spend time with each other on a regular basis and create a bond; a relationship that goes beyond just saying "hello" and "goodbye".

It is my job to create a safe learning environment. When children realise that they are safe, they build the ability to trust. And trust is the foundation of a good relationship. How nice it is when a child comes running through the door and I get the biggest cuddle, and I get told all about their week. Or a when a child brings their favourite cuddly toy from home, just to show me. Or, in the babies class when little ones crawl up to my lap so we can shake bells together. My heart melts! I love the fact that parents trust me with their children. This bond of trust is what I strive to have with them.

Being able to chat to parents about everyday life and about their children, and how they spend their days is a wonderful way for Mini Maestros teachers to create individual relationships with parents and carers. By getting to know the carers, we get to know the children better as well, and this way, working together gives carers and their children an unforgettable musical experience.

Mini Maestros is nurturing confident young learners and creating beautiful relationships. All Mini Maestros teachers aim to combine both these important aspects within a safe learning environment.

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