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BABIES CLASSES - a very special and important time for you and your child.

By Emma Hart, Former Head Of Teaching – Mini Maestros

Mini Maestros babies’ classes nurture the innate love of music that babies are born with. This makes those classes one of the most important parts of our program. They create a very special time as adults and babies delight in the joy of music making together. They focus on reinforcing the special bond between baby and carer in a fun, caring and playful environment, whilst supporting and extending the vital stages of development.

Caregivers will feel confident to participate in music play at home, having received a repertoire of songs, rhymes and movement activities. The Mini Maestros program equips primary caregivers to understand their baby as a learner and trust their process of development.

The brain develops synapse connections through repeated experiences and a baby’s brain requires exposure to many different experiences to help build lots of these connections.

Our music classes provide a wide range of sequential activities, which help to develop higher cognitive functions such as language and mathematics as well as the fine and gross motor skills required for simple, daily tasks.

How does this happen? Repetition is the key to making confident learners in the early years. Singing simple songs and instructions allows babies to imitate and explore a wider range of sounds, which is an integral part of developing speech, language and their own singing voice in time. Movement, lap and finger play activities help to develop and internalize a sense of steady beat, which in turn helps regulate a sense of time and space. This is important for such simple functions as walking or catching a ball, and extends to the higher cognitive skills required for mathematics.

The classroom environment gives babies the opportunity to learn together with other babies. In 30 years of teaching classes, our experience is that babies and toddlers make developmental leaps when learning alongside their peers. It could even be said we continue to learn best this way, right into adulthood.

One of the most important components required for an effective learning environment is harmony and play. The fun, supportive atmosphere of a Mini Maestros class creates the perfect setting for this to occur. Babies and carers have fun together while learning.

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