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The exchange between teacher and child

By Maddie Thiele, Former Mini Maestros Teacher - South Yarra/Burnley

Children of Tomorrow

On the wall behind many of the desks at Mini Maestros Head Office are the collected pieces of splotchy, scribbled artwork from students that teachers have taught over the years. I have 4 pinned up on the bookshelf near my desk. Some of these pieces of artwork are from students I haven’t seen for a few years, and every now and then, they will make me wonder where or what that child is up to – Where are they going to school? What grade would they be in now?


Sometimes a child will pick a flower on their walk to Mini Maestros, which is also just as special. I love the excitement and nervousness that shines through when the child gives something to me before their music class. These moments spark joy in the teachers just as much as they do in the child and their parent, and they also help the child feel connected to their teacher in a special way. Teachers find that this connection often strengthens the sense of community in the class and helps children develop confidence in communicating not only with their teacher but also with their peers.

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