Mini Maestros Interviews

Louis Hamlyn-Harris

In this episode of Mini Maestros Thrive 0-5, we interview Louis Hamlyn-Harris, the Executive Manager for Early Childhood Australia’s “Be You” program. Louis shares his insights on how to support and nurture the emotional and mental wellbeing of young children and how Early Childhood Australia is helping to create positive and inclusive early childhood experiences.

Louis has worked as an early childhood teacher and leader in a variety of settings across Australia, Vietnam and the U.S. Prior to joining Be You, he was founding Senior Director of Early Childhood at Manny Cantor Center, a progressive socio-economically integrated early childhood program in New York City. Louis believes that children thrive in the context of rich relationships and in environments that support their powerful drive to make sense of the world around them. It was wonderful to have Louis on the show and hear his refreshing perspectives.