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What's happening in Term 2?

Mini Maestros classes will be presented online in Term 2.  Classes for all age groups are designed for children and adults to actively participate in together. Far from being passive screen time, these classes will have you and your child (perhaps even your whole household!) singing, moving, playing, learning and having fun together.

A list of props and instruments for each lesson will be emailed to you in advance, and can all be made or gathered from common household items. Each week’s lesson also includes online materials to help you make class activities part of daily life.

You are your child’s best educator and your voice is your child’s favourite voice in the whole world. Mini Maestros online classes will teach you how to confidently and actively engage with your child through singing, speech, instrument playing, games and movement to nurture and support their learning in these vitally important early years.

6-15 month classes are aimed at you as your baby's primary carer and are specifically designed to help you nurture particular aspects of your baby’s development, such as language and listening development, gross motor skills, focusing and social/ emotional skills. These classes will teach you a rich and varied repertoire of musical activities to support your baby’s development and help with settling, bonding and having fun at this fascinating and rapidly changing stage of life.

1-2 year old classes are aimed at you as your young toddler's primary carer. You and your child will experiment with percussion instruments and practise playing with the music in stop and start activities. Dances and action songs performed together will reinforce a sense of steady beat and will expose the children to a variety of musical styles. Lap plays, rhymes and puppet activities will develop children’s language, listening and focusing skills, and provide valuable opportunities for bonding and fun together.

2-3 year old classes will help children develop their singing voices as they extend their language skills through a rich and stimulating repertoire of songs, rhymes and activities. They will learn about elements of music such as dynamics (loud and soft) and tempo (fast and slow). You and your child will play musical games to develop their imaginative play skills. Dances with you will teach your child about working with a partner, reinforce a sense of steady beat and develop their motor skills.

3-4 year olds will consciously learn about elements of music such as loud and soft, fast and slow, high and low through instrumental and movement activities. Children will continue to reinforce a sense of steady beat in a range of activities performed with you, such as dances, instrumental activities, movement activities, imaginative play activities and pre-reading activities.

4-5 year olds will learn simple songs on their chime bars that highlight beat, rhythm and the crotchet rest (saa). They will also work from the provided online materials, finding high and low notes on the music staff, keeping a steady beat and consolidating one-to-one correspondence. Children will learn to read simple picture symbols which introduce musical notation. Dramatic play activities, dances and games performed with you make up part of each lesson so that children are stimulated and having fun with you as they learn. 

Term 2 commences Monday 19 April and run for 10 weeks.  Students enrolled in Term 1 are currently re-enrolling for Term 2 and new students are invited to enrol.

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