Online Courses

The Mini Maestros Online Courses are anything but passive screen time!


  • Lessons Are Not Passive Screen Time! Parents Do the Classes with Their Child
  • Learn How to Confidently and Actively Engage with Your Child Through Music
  • Continue Your Child’s Learning and Milestone Achievements in the Safety of Home
  • Do Your Favourite Activities Again and Again for Hours of Fun
  • Access Online Learning Materials and Craft Activities
  • Online Learning Teaches Adaptability and Resilience
  • Security Through Routine and Familiarity
  • Get a Workout! Dancing, Movement and Fun Together
  • Fill your Home with Singing, Dancing, Laughter and Music

Mini Maestros Online Courses offer you and your young child a wealth of opportunities for learning, discovery, development and fun together.

Each week’s activities are specifically chosen and practised to teach you how to nurture aspects of your child’s development, such as language acquisition, speech development, auditory processing, motor skills, focusing and steady beat.

You are your child’s best educator and your voice is your child’s favourite voice in the world! Our Online Courses will teach you how to confidently and actively engage with your child through singing and speech, instrument playing, and dance and movement to nurture their learning in these vitally important early years.

Our Online Courses include access to online learning materials to help you make the class activities part of daily life for you and your child.

Read more about our Online Courses here.

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*Existing customers who have attended in-person classes can also contact their local Maestro to purchase an Online Course and remain up to date with local offers and events.


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