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Peekaboo Scarves by Emma Hart, Former Mini Maestros Head of Teaching

We are delighted to announce that Peek-a-boo scarves will be a standard part of student equipment for babies and toddlers in 2017.

Peekaboo is possibly the ‘oldest’, and most universal game we play with our babies. The instinct to hide our eyes and reappear with a gentle ‘boo’ seems almost innate, and with good reason, the developmental benefits are extensive!

The primary skill we are building whenever we play peekaboo, is confidence. Babies learn to trust that when we disappear briefly, we indeed return, and when we do, it is fun and joyful. This strengthens the bond and prepares children with coping strategies for the anxieties of separation, which may occur around the 12 month mark.

Furthermore, the anticipation of predicting the ‘Boo’, and successfully pulling the scarf off with correct timing, is a skill known as ‘phrasing’ in music. A phrase is like a musical sentence with ‘commas’ or moments for a ‘breath’ before beginning the next sentence. The ‘Boo’ usually marks this moment. We have observed that babies as young as 6 months are able to identify and predict the end of a phrase, and they show us by independently pulling their scarf off at the right time. This activity alone develops listening, confidence, independence, language structure and communication.

The benefits of having your own scarf to practise with at home means that you will have a prop that moves from your home environment to the classroom, helping to make it quickly feel like a safe and familiar space.

Because the scarves go over the face and come in contact with eyes, mouth and nose, we are promoting a more hygienic environment by providing each child with their own scarf for personal use. The scarves can be washed in a gentle cycle to ensure they remain in good, clean condition for the long term.

We've also introduced a Mini Maestros bag for all age groups, as an organisational aid for your child's Mini Maestros props and books. This will help to ensure you have your necessary equipment for each class.

We know the bag and scarf will be wonderful additions to your Mini Maestros collection, and enjoyed for years to come.

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