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Stories From Parents/Grandparents - Bobbie Carroll

When our first two little granddaughters were born eight days apart in 2010 I wanted to give them a very special gift which would last their entire lives. I thought Mini Maestros would offer them all the benefits that a love of music can provide.

As a gift to my daughters, I volunteered to accompany the babies on their musical journey, giving the girls a few hours each week of welcome break from the children. In no time at all, there were three more babies who have all become Mini Maestros. I continued to take each of them to Mini Maestros at Carlton North, Ringwood and Glen Waverley.

The year that I had five of them at Mini Maestros was a ripper of a year where I spent most of it in the car with a toddler in the backseat driving between Warrandyte where I live and the Mini Maestros centres at Carlton North, Ringwood and Glen Waverley, singing most of the Mini Maestros songs at the tops of our voices.

Slowly our precious little people are moving on to school and our last baby is now one year old, starting her Mini Maestros journey in a few weeks with Louise at Glen Waverley.

Bobbie Carroll.

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