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Discovering the Joy of Music

By Michelle Maglitto - Mini Maestros Wiliamstown and Hoppers Crossing Franchisee

Music is one of those wonderful things that brings happiness and bliss to everyone all over the world. It not only provides a release from the stresses around us, it helps bond together society in a way in which no other art form can do. Mini Maestros’ main aim is to help young ones instill these values and discover a passion for music that can then be nurtured and developed.

Each and every one of us has a musical side beneath the surface. Whether it’s singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument, there is an aspiring musician within all of us. We, at Mini Maestros, encourage the children to build musical foundations and uncover their musical potential in order to later bring that into their respective futures. Research published in Professor Jenny Saffran’s “Developmental Psychology Journal” in January 2001 indicated that all babies are born with perfect pitch. This is how they are able to recognise their mother's voice and also helps them to learn how to talk. The study also showed that if they don't learn to use their perfect pitch, they would eventually lose it. Early music lessons, such as those offered at Mini Maestros, help a child to retain that fundamental musical skill, which is critical in learning a mother tongue as well as foreign languages.

Beginning from a young age, the children and parents alike are introduced to music and the joys it can bring to their daily lives. Not only do we look at musicianship, but the confidence, self-esteem, leadership and overall social skills, which help to cultivate children’s character as a whole.

The journey of discovering music is an individual process, which occurs within everyone at different levels, at different stages of our lives. Mini Maestros has been guiding children from as young as 6 months of age through their musicality for many years now. Musical discovery and the fostering of musical skills, not only help bring happiness to the students and their families, but to society through the future generation, our children.

Nothing can make a Mini Maestros teacher happier than watching a young timid child, grow to be a confident joyful young person whilst being able to find themselves through music. A comprehension of a plethora of musical techniques and terminology provides the students with a basis to move forward into the world, which will leave them not only advantaged and ready for school, but satisfied with an understanding of who they are. Discovering a passion for music is the key foundation in which all our classes are based on, and that is why we have been successful in drawing out the “Mini Maestro” within every child.

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