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Sandi Phoenix

Discover a game-changing episode of Mini Maestros Podcast Thrive0-5 as we sit down with Sandi Phoenix, the visionary mind behind Phoenix Support.

In this episode you will uncover the transformative power of Sandi’s framework, The Phoenix Cups, which has not only revolutionised how staff approach children’s behaviour but has also reshaped team dynamics. Sandi’s approach provides a fresh perspective on understanding and responding positively to differences and conflicts, fostering harmony within teams.

Widely recognised as a speaker, coach, mentor, and Professional Development Facilitator in the education and care sector, Sandi brings a wealth of knowledge.

Join us in this episode to delve into her insights, shaped by her Bachelor of Psychological Science and post grad studies in psych and neuroscience, as we explore the mind of the founder of the Phoenix cups. Don’t miss this engaging conversation that promises to elevate your understanding and approach to early childhood education.

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