Mini Maestros Interviews

Shae Cox

In our new interview series, we interviewed Shae Cox Holistic Infant & Child Sleep Consultant and Conscious Parenting Coach and founder of Connection Village. Watch the interview video above to see our interview with Shae Cox a Holistic Infant & Child Sleep Consultant and Conscious Parenting Coach.

Shae is the founder of Connection Village, where she supports families from conception and beyond to raise connected children. The Village helps parents to nurture meaningful bonds with their children across every age and stage of parenting. Her approach is holistic, collaborative, non-judgemental and through educating and coaching she supports people to be the best parent they can be.

Shae offers free 15 minute consultations – head over to her website here.

Shae finds sleep deprived parents respond well to podcasts as opposed to books, so she has created a list of both books and podcasts she recommendations below.


Listen By Patty Wipfler & Tosha Schore.

Anxious Mums & Anxious Kids by Dr Jodi Richardson

The Father Hood by Luke Benedictus, Andrew McUtchen & Jeremy Macvean


The Aware Parenting Podcast by Lael Stone & Marion Rose.

Hand In Hand Parenting by Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald

Well, Hello Anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson