Mini Maestros Interviews

Susie Davies-Splitter

In this episode, you’ll meet Susie Davies-Splitter, a music educator, composer, and co-founder of Welcome to Music, a wonderful collection of resources for children, teachers, and parents.

Susie has created and performed countless songs, musicals, and choral works that are loved and used worldwide, including many of the songs in the Mini Maestros program. You’ll hear about her musical journey, her enthusiasm for music education, and her advice for making music fun and engaging for everyone. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with Susie Davies-Splitter, who champions the importance of singing for both adults and children alike.


Susie & Phil’s Website

Susie & Phil’s YouTube Channel

Susie and Phil offer a membership program for educators that includes various professional development courses in the fields of Early Childhood and primary education. They also teach how to play the ukulele.

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