Mini Maestros Students Shine in Short Film – Their Practice and Focus Pay Off!

Dean Bryant, director and writer, along with producer Elise McCann were looking for young pre-schoolers to cast for the Rhyme Time short film. Dean was encouraged to contact Mini Maestros for advice on how to find the best aged children for the project.

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Dean watched the 3-4yo and 4-5yo classes…

and decided that those would be the right age groups to cast. Kylie Rendle from Mt Eliza and Lisa Marcolin from Doncaster Mini Maestros then shortlisted a group of children who submitted a short audition video.

Conclusively, the process of finding the right children to cast was successful.

The two sessions at Collingwood Library were a huge success, with the children remaining focused and attentive for the entire four hours. Dean and the crew were incredibly impressed with how well the children responded and were able to concentrate for such a long period of time.

It was a remarkable experience for the children and families involved.

Dean expressed his gratitude for the success of the sessions, “I can’t thank you enough for facilitating this – the whole crew commented on how incredibly focused the kids were and that it was gobsmacking how quickly we could work because of it.”

Consequently, it was an amazing achievement for everyone involved.

Well done to all the Mini Maestros who participated.

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