Why Are Structured Pre-school Classes Important?

Why Structure?

There are so many fun activities, but why invest in a program that is structured as well as fun?

Watch the video or read below to find out!

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Development is Faster in a Clear and Familiar Framework.

In an environment that is safe and predictable, with lessons that build upon previous learning, children will develop faster. By having a clear and familiar framework, children can learn at their own pace, and feel supported and encouraged to explore.

Guided Exploration Leads to Discovery.

Guided exploration can lead to some amazing discoveries. Having a set structure in place gives children the security they need to feel comfortable exploring their surroundings. This can help them learn more about the world around them and make some important discoveries.

Age Appropriate Lessons + Group Support = Achievement.

Age-appropriate lessons and group support are key to success in school. In classes designed for their age group, children can learn new skills at their own level, with peer support and modelling. This helps them to better understand the material and achieve success.

Familiar Settings Support Emotional Development and Participation.

Familiar settings support emotional development and participation by providing weekly classes with familiar faces. This gives children the security to actively participate and cooperate in class activities.

Learning Music is Brain Food.

Music making is superfood for a child’s developing brain. It can help them learn new skills, improve their problem solving abilities, and boost their memory and concentration. Making music is the only activity to engage almost all of the areas of the brain at once!

Building Musical Knowledge Encourages Intellectual Development.

As a child’s musical knowledge and skills grow, so does their intellect. This is because musical knowledge encourages intellectual development. When a child learns about music, they are also learning about math, history, and other disciplines. This knowledge helps to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As a result, they are better able to understand and learn new concepts.

Give Your Child Structure and Let Them Thrive.

If you want to support your child to be creative, capable, resilient, and aware, give them structure they can depend on. Not only will they have fun, but they will have the necessary framework to develop their whole being, so they can thrive.

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