Mini Maestros Child Safe Policy

Commitment to Child Safety: all children who come to Mini Maestros have a right to feel and be safe. Nurturing the children who attend our classes is our first priority which means that the children’s welfare is paramount and any form of child abuse is not tolerated. We aim to create a child safe and friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun as they learn.

Children’s rights to safety and participation: Mini Maestros students are encouraged to express their views and make active choices about activities in class. Children attend our classes with their parents or, in the case of an early learning centre, in the presence of other carers. If the parents leave the classroom (and this would only occur in the 4-5 years age group) the teacher will ask and ensure that at least one parent remains in the classroom with the teacher.

Valuing diversity: Mini Maestros values diversity and actively demonstrates this through our repertoire. Mini Maestros welcomes children from all cultural backgrounds to our classes and indeed our repertoire is multi-cultural. Mini Maestros welcomes all children with a disability to our classes. Full participation in our classes depends on the extent to which it is safe for children with a disability and others to participate having regard to their disability.

Recruiting and supporting staff: Mini Maestros has a careful and thorough selection and training process for all staff. The selection process involves a number of interviews and reference checks. All staff must hold a Working with Children Check or equivalent and are required to comply with the Mini Maestros Child Safety Code of Conduct. Our staff are supported throughout their careers by ongoing training, reviews and open communication.

Reporting a child safety concern or complaint: any child safety concern or complaint may be reported to any member of staff or directly to the Music Director Jennifer Smith or phone 03 9850 5566. Any complaint is thorough investigated and discussed with the complainant (should they wish to do so). Any member of staff must refer any child safety concern or complaint they receive to the Music Director.

Risk Management: the Mini Maestros Occupational Health and Safety Procedure provides for Annual Audits of every Mini Maestros venue, Venue Risk Management Plans and Daily Risk Management Checks. We also have in place an Emergency Management Plan and a Crisis Management Plan.