Nurturing Confidence & Joyful Discovery

Confidence to speak in front of a child’s peers and teacher, confidence to participate in a classroom environment, confidence to share time and resources with others and confidence to perform in front of others are critical skills in today’s competitive environment.

Emotional wellbeing is also critical in building resilience, appreciation of the environment in which we live and an ability to reach out to others.

Enhancement and encouragement of a child’s normal development, setting the spark which ignites a child’s need for educational challenge and cementing the building blocks of learning and participation skills are equally vital.

Mini Maestros uses a program of music and joyful discovery to encourage confident happy learners.

A survey of Mini Maestros customers in 2015 found that 98% of Mini Maestros students experience a positive social outcome (such as confidence or group participation), a positive emotional outcome (such as enjoyment of learning or developing a love of music) and/or a positive developmental outcome (such as processing instructions or music skills).

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These are skills which set our children up for life. We teach children the skills they need to swim through life – in or out of the water – to survive and thrive.