Mini Maestros COVID-19 Safe Classes Protocol

We will be conducting our Term 3 classes in accordance with Government directions, guidelines and medical advice to ensure our classes are operated as safely as possible. Thank you for your help and understanding in ensuring Mini Maestros can provide a COVID-19 safe learning environment.

In Term 3:

All Mini Maestros teachers will have completed the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control certified training and will be trained in this protocol and Mini Maestros COVID-19 Safe Class Procedures, Lesson Planning and Teaching Considerations and Modifications.

Class sizes will be strictly limited to the density quotient required by Government direction. (Children (including siblings of any age) and carers will be counted for the purposes of working out the maximum class size).

No person may attend a class, including the normal teacher, if they are unwell. If our teacher considers that anyone present may be unwell, they will ask them to leave.

Our Online Course is available to all fully enrolled students at no extra charge as an alternative to missed classes or classes that are unavoidably cancelled due to teacher illness or other COVID-19 related issue.

No person may attend a class if they have had or have come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 unless they have a Medical Clearance that it is safe for them to be in public.

One carer per student only will be allowed in class. No sibling will be allowed in class unless they are also enrolled in the class.

If the carer bringing an enrolled child to class is not registered with us they must give their first name and contact number to the teacher.

Space will be allocated to each carer and child in class at least 1.5 metres from any other carer and child and the teacher. Government advice to Mini Maestros is that everyone in class must follow the physical distancing rules as best as they can, understanding that this may not always be possible with children. We will encourage all present to practice physical distancing between households to the best of our ability.

No instruments or teaching props will be shared in a class or between classes. Students will be asked to bring a few simple items to class for their own use. In some limited cases the teacher may make items available for single use only before they are thoroughly cleaned.

At the commencement of each class our teacher will do a wellness check-in, where each carer will acknowledge how they and their child are, and any issues that could give rise to a misunderstanding (e.g. an asthma cough) can be explained. Carers are asked to arrive on time for class, and to wait in a designated waiting area until the teacher invites you into class. Please leave promptly at the end of class in the manner directed. Between classes the teacher will be undertaking cleaning.

Our regular program will be modified so that people remain 1.5 metres separate (except for a carer and their child). We will still have dances and partner work but these will be modified. Students will not gather around the teacher but will remain with their carer, for example, beat work activities will be done as bookwork in class with a student’s carer rather than in a group at a whiteboard.

Cleaning will be in accordance with Government directions and will include cleaning of all touch surfaces in the classroom including door handles. Our venue owners will be responsible for cleaning public access areas and toilets in accordance with Government directions.

Hand sanitiser will be available in the classroom and elsewhere in the venue and our teachers will encourage appropriate handwashing and hygiene as well as appropriate respiratory etiquette.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something else we can do to keep you and your child safe and happy in Term 3.

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