Pricing and Enrolment Information

Enrolments with Mini Maestros are for a term (normally 10 weeks) or the remaining part of the term at the time of enrolment.

Pricing depends on age group and generally starts from a total price of $199 per student for the first 10 week term including a Starter Pack and $173 for subsequent terms.  (Less for a shorter term.  Prices may vary in a limited number of regional locations.) The total price includes:

  • all equipment (our required learning aids are few but highly relevant to class participation and enjoyment) (some items are used over 2 or more years and do not need to be repurchased each year)
  • an age specific, structured and sequential educational program developed by early childhood education experts
  • class delivery by carefully selected and accredited teachers who undergo training over at least 15 months and are subject to ongoing assessment
  • class size limited to 10 students to ensure every child receives individual attention
  • class duration of 30 to 45 minutes depending on age group.

Refer to the Find a Class Page for specific pricing by class for the remaining part of the current term.

Trial classes are offered subject to availability. We recommend a 3 week trial (as do other quality children’s programs) as it generally takes more than 1 week for a young child to familiarise themselves with new surroundings and feel comfortable before actively participating in class. 3 week trial prices generally start at $69, including components of the Starter Pack.

We do not offer free trials in all our regular classes, instead we regularly offer “Come & Try” free demonstrations at particular locations and times in order to demonstrate our class activities and explain class methodology and outcomes. You can find details of upcoming “Come & Try” free demonstrations on the Events Page.  You can also make an enquiry with your local teacher regarding any introductory offers using the Contact Us button next to a class in your local area found on the Find a Class Page.

The new enrolment price for each age group for Term 1, 2020,  including the Starter Pack and a 9-week term is generally:

  • 6-15 months & 6-24 months $183
  • 1-2 years $184
  • 2-3 years $227
  • 3-4 years $227
  • 4-5 years $231

The price is less at locations running less than 9 weeks in the term, and less for subsequent term re-enrolments. Some variations may occur. Refer to the Find a Class Page for specific pricing by class for the remaining part of the current term.

Enrolments at any time during the term are welcome and new students quickly fit into the rhythm of our classes.

For answers to frequently asked questions about enrolment and the terms and conditions of enrolment in Mini Maestros click here.

Our customers say that 98% of Mini Maestros students experience a positive social outcome (such as confidence or group participation), a positive emotional outcome (such as enjoyment of learning or developing a love of music) and/or a positive developmental outcome (such as processing instructions or music skills).

We nurture confidence and joyful discovery.

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