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What's happening in Term 1

During Term 1, we welcome many new students to our program, as parents make the decision to share the love of music with their child, and soon find out why so many children and their parents and carers love Mini Maestros.

Our youngest students (our 6-15 months and 1-2 years olds) will start to discover new sounds, instruments and movement activities in a playful structure. As the shared experience with the primary carer is so important, we aim to encourage the fun, pleasure and relaxation possibilities of music making with very young children. Children will also be introduced to social interaction through contact in musical games, first with their attending carer, and then gradually with other members of the class.

Our 2-3 year old students will be introduced to their very own Bumblebee and start exploring their singing voices. They will be encouraged to discover and feel the beat in music through our action songs, moving to the beat and playing instruments. Our repertoire for 2-3 year olds introduces children to a variety of musical styles and moods. Children in this age group learn simple circle dances which develop their ability to recall sequences. They will be encouraged to take individual turns in games and activities which helps with their social development.

Our 3-4 year old students will enhance their singing and listening skills in Term 1. They will discover high and low notes and accompany singing with appropriate high and low movements. Foundations will be set for the students to consciously understand beat and pitch. Our 3-4 year old students will begin to develop individual performance skills and confidence through musical games and role play activities.

Our 4-5 year old students will receive their own first tuned instrument, a set of chime bars, and before too long they will be playing simple songs! Their musical development will progress into conscious learning of key musical concepts such as musical phrases (introduced by question and answer songs), differentiating between beat and rhythm, and improvisation. Musical games and dances will assist children in making new friends and give them opportunities to make musical decisions and perform simple solos. Children’s pre-reading skills will be reinforced through graphic notation and beat-pointing activities.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to one of our classes. Click here to find a class near you.

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