Roni Shewan

Roni first displayed a love of music in utero, when she kicked profusely during a Melbourne Symphony performance her mum was attending. Following on from that debut, Roni and music remained firmly entwined throughout her childhood; as she sang in choirs, mastered several instruments and played roles in school musicals, music was not far away.

In recent years Roni has collaborated with some of Melbourne’s most respected musicians, including 1930’s inspired quartet Bobby and the Pins, Kate Ceberano, Whitaker and Lucy Roleff. She toured Europe as a solo artist and completed studies in jazz improvisation at Monash and New York Universities. Roni currently produces, writes and performs music as Shiver Canyon, an electronic project that released a debut EP in 2017. She is also Musical Director for independent theatre company Red Brassiere, an ensemble performers who have put on several acclaimed productions.

Passionate about arts and community engagement, Roni has also worked in programming at several arts and community events and as activities coordinator at aged care facilities (where she helped establish some inter-generational music programs). Her most recent role as mother to a baby girl has reawakened her passion for teaching music, and she is very excited to be part of the team at Mini Maestros.

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